First Call Emergency Services

First Call Emergency Services

In an emergency, the first call for help is the most important.  When the call for help is made, trained responders move into action.  They identify the problem, determine what is needed to help, and dispatch help quickly.

The First Call personal emergency response service is the best solution to a need for emergency help.  Professionally trained personnel respond to your call at the touch of a button.

How First Call works

The First Call service is connected to a home or apartment through a telephone and waterproof transmitter worn on the wrist or around the neck

A touch of a button on the personal transmitter or unit, automatically alerts the First Call monitoring headquarters of a potential problem


Two-way voice communication available to talk directly with responders during the emergency

Waterproof transmitter

A rechargeable backup battery protects against short-term power failure for up to six hours

Fall detection transmitter available


Linear unit- $26.05 per month (includes tax)

Installation cost- $32.10 (includes tax)

This service is offered in our service territory

For more information please contact:

Brenda DeYounge

Angela Drilling 

800-750-3557 or 641-456-2557